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Chantal Solomon's ancestors began to arrive in “Beautiful British Columbia” in 1925 via Eastern Turtle Island, Europe & Africa. She was born in Vancouver BC through city life was not her calling. She roamed many mountains, gardens & coastlines with a curiosity for the old ways of the land. Along the way, she dedicated her life to learning about the communication between inner dreams, perception, people & the land.  


Chantal's creative drive is influenced by her work with plants, listening to the stories of her communities and a commitment to regenerative practices that celebrate age-old techniques while utilizing the best of modern technology. In showcasing various aspects of the land she hopes to highlight the beauty that is naturally present and holds space for reflection on how we engage with it. Chantal is fascinated by the temporary nature of all things and the human drive to capture & preserve beauty at all costs. 

Her vision is to create opportunities for communities experience nature-based living, collaboration & systems of support. She is deeply influenced by her mixed heritage and her ancestors' traditional Land-based lifestyles. Chantal has dedicated her time to learning & working in the fields of Herbal Medicine, Food Security, Special Education & Visual Arts.  She believes creativity is the most important asset one can develop and that it is our collective responsibility to create with the notion that our ripples will carry forward to generations beyond our lifetime.


Chantal is a creative facilitator that shares her passion for plant knowledge in various capacities with all ages, abilities & orientations. Her facilitation philosophy has been inspired by Metis culture, inquiry-based learning & Reggio Emilia. In 2016 Chantal founded Heart Seeds CreativeWhere she produces a variety of nature-inspired creations, curriculum & experiences. She is currently is based in Victoria BC, Canada. 

Art Training

2018- present

University of Victoria,  Fine Arts: Visual Arts, Self-Employment Co-op


Waichay Studio Screen The World Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs


Waichay Studio Aboriginal Multi-Media Internship: Screen printing


Comox Valley Art Gallery Film Making Internship


Intersections Media: Film Making Internship

My only regret in life is that I didn't


2020        Storyhive Visual Podcast Grant


1st place, Film: Local Food For Thought, SustainABILITY' Expo Film Exhibition, Richmond Museum



2021            Mixed media Solo exhibition: Cast Back & Forth, ARC Hive, Victoria BC



Mixed Media, "Artist’s Spotlight: Chantal Solomon", Cornerstone Taphouse, Courtenay, BC


Installation: “Fairy Fort”, Diversity Music Festival, Texada Island, BC


2022          “Creative Nectar” Screen Print, group exhibition: Assemblage: ARC Hive, Victoria BC


2022          “Creative Nectar” Screenprint, group exhibition: with Love, University of Victoria BC


2021            “Spaces Between” mixed media, group Exhibition: to gather again, ARC Hive, Victoria BC


Mixed media on canvas "Hidden Juncture", #representationmatters, Esquimalt Community Arts Hub Victoria, BC


Screen Print, Shared Histories: A Canada-South Africa Co-production Public Screening & Exhibition, Courtenay Museum & Archives, Courtenay, BC


Screen Print  "Queneesh", Hands of the Next Generation, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC


Film "Walking the Vision", Illuminate, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC

Film "Hidden Memories", Forest Fairy Project: Corrie Alice Gallery, Cumberland, BC


Film: "Local Food For Thought", SustainABILITY' Expo, Awarded 1st place, Richmond Museum, Richmond, BC

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